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Seventy eight years old this year, Totó is now a legendary figure known and loved throughout the world by the millions of hearts she has touched with her soulful voice, inspiring charisma and gentle, fun-loving nature. More than that, she is also the mother of three children and the grandmother of nine grandchildren – a wise woman who has experienced hardship as well as joy throughout her long career. This album is part of a retrospective collection celebrating Totó’s musical journey – a series that is accompanied by stories of remarkable adventures and experiences. Songs on this record are drawn from the album Tambolero, that tells the story of her relationship with England, and Oye Manita, exploring her time in France. This album also features a previously unreleased track, recorded in 2017.Side A from the forthcoming album OYE MANITA – includes LA VERDOLAGA
Side B from the album TAMBOLERO – includes the classic song EL PESCADORNew track is an instrumental VIENTO SUELTO – a flute and tambor piece Totó dances to on stage.
The song LA VERDOLAGA was sampled by Jay-Z last year on the album 4:44 for the track We Family.