Tanguita – Totó la Momposina New Single


Tanguita, Nuevo Sencillo de Totó la Momposina

A magnificent singer, Totó La Momposina has earned respect and admiration all over the world for the power and spontaneity of her performance. Drawing on the music and dance of the Colombian Caribbean, her work is informed and inspired by a rich cultural mix that combines elements from African, Native Indian and Spanish traditions.

Normally associated with powerful rhythmic pieces and a full band, this is an unusual and very personal song performed solo a cappella. 80 this year, Totó is a proud grandmother with 9 grandchildren. She spent many hours looking after them as babies and would often sing this lullaby, Tanguita, to comfort and lull them to sleep. Something of a family treasure therefore, this is the first time Tanguita has been released and we hope it is of help to mothers and babies everywhere!

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