The playlist: Latin American pop – Totó la Momposina, Los Chapillacs, Ismael Miranda and more

This latest selection brings fresh and lively sounds – whether they’re coming from a revered veteran or new ravers updating classic styles

Totó la Momposina
Totó la Momposina … a joyful delight.

Tambolero is a revisitation of the work of Totó, the Colombian, Caribbean, Afro-indigenous vocal muse whose career began to flourish almost 50 years ago. Recorded in a RealWorld studio in 1991, it’s a syncopated, joyful delight you can sink into. An unearthed live recording of one of the album’s tracks, El Pescador, shows how vital the 74-year-old singer’s sound still is; beautiful and reliant on drums while preserving the indigenous cultures of the Colombian coast.